In 1986, when parks throughout the West were closing all trails to the new and growing sport of mountain biking, the BTCEB was formed to lobby to keep all fire roads opened to biking.


In 1987 the BTCEB incorporated and filed for 501(C)(3) non-profit status with the IRS.


In 1987 BTCEB lobbied with the City of Oakland to allow biking in all but 3 narrow trails in Joaquin Miller Park.  Because of our dedication and stewardship in the park, this agreement still holds firm.


In 1988 the BTCEB along with 3 other mountain biking organizations formed IMBA, the International Mountain Biking Association.


The BTCEB work with the EBRPD to open 7 miles of narrow trails for mountain biking. This marked the first time this had been allowed in their trail system.


BTCEB formed the Oakland Bike Patrol which is still active.


BTCEB formed the Trails Work section. We have put in over 20,000 volunteer hours on trail work since its founding. The program has been strengthened with over $20,000 in grant money from REI.


Our Gala Ride program was initiated in the late 1990’s and now attracts 60-80 riders every month.


In 1992 the Youth Mountain Biking Adventure (YMBA) for inner city students was launched. With our financial and personnel support it remains strong and serves as a model for others to follow. Each student is given a helmet and lent a mountain bike, gloves and glasses for the day. We are particularly proud of this event.


BTCEB lobbied for narrow trails on Mt Diablo State Park. This led to the development and opening of Buckeye, Diablo Ranch, Oyster Point and Dan Cook trails.


In 2008 our Woman’s program was founded. This was soon followed with the launch of Ride Like a Girl (RLaG), our woman’s only ride which continues on a monthly basis with great success.


We have worked with V-O-Cal on numerous projects constructing multiuse narrow trails throughout the East Bay.


In 2005 we helped develop and support our 10 amazing NorCal High School mountain biking teams through financial support and our yearly used equipment drive.


In 2012 we lobbied the EBRPD to include allowing for the development of multi-use narrow trails in their 10 year master plan.


We maintain a small “on call” group of skilled trail volunteers to deal with urgent trail issues in Joaquin Miller Park on an as needed basis at the request of the Park supervisor.


In 2015 we teamed up with the Bay Area Ridge Trail administration to lobby EBMUD to open up their fire roads for mountain biking and bike commuting. We anticipate a positive ruling in late 2016.





Michael Kelley, founder                                     

Jim Tully

Burt Weinstein

Brad Edmonds

Eric Muhler

Jeff Li

Shaun Reid

Eric Johnson

Eric Muhler

Brent Englund

Michael Mejia

Mike Udkow (current)

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