Our mission is to educate cyclists in responsible mountain biking, to advocate for appropriate access and to promote community among trail users so all may fully enjoy and preserve the natural spaces of the East Bay.


We envision a united trails community where mountain bikers, equestrians and hikers happily coexist on trails, both narrow and wide, extending each other due courtesy and caution, in open spaces, everywhere.


Bicycle Trails Council is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was founded in 1987 by a dedicated group of volunteers who fought the impending closure of almost all bike trails in the East Bay! We are the oldest mountain bike advocacy group in the United States and one of the founding clubs of IMBA.


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Today, we are active with programs that educate trail builders, promote responsible riding, and advocate for increased trail access. Our trail crews excel at maintaining trails in our local parks and our members and partners have volunteered countless hours to build new trails and improve existing ones.


Our marquee group rides are the monthly Gala Ride and our women-specific Ride Like A Girl. Both are led by experienced local riders who know the trails and offer a group for all skill and fitness levels. You can generally count on enjoy snacks and cold drinks post-ride.

Jerott King, President

Greetings fellow riders!  I am excited to be selected as the next President of the Bicycle Trails Council of the East Bay (BTCEB). I have been an avid mountain biker in the East Bay since 1998 and I spent much of my childhood mountain biking around Shell Ridge, Lime Ridge, the Diablo Foothills, and Joaquin Miller.  I still call these my home trails today. Over the years, I have owned and serviced multiple bikes, raced cross country and downhill, and engaged with many members of the biking community. As a member and supporter of BTCEB since 2008, I have been an advocate for mountain biking access for trails. BTCEB is the oldest organization of its kind and has a long history of dedicated work in trail building, trail maintenance, and community outreach. As president, I am strongly committed to continuing this tradition.  I want to continue supporting the current projects and future goals of the organization. In addition, I believe my experience with community outreach, event organization, and the work I did in completing my degree in Recreation Administration from Sacramento State will help me further advance the goals of our organization.  I am also excited about ways to expand our work and funding as we facilitate meaningful outdoor experiences for all trail users. 

Yvette Skinner, Vice President

Hello, mountain biking friends!  This will be my second term as BTCEB Vice-President and I look forward to working with the new Board to advocate for the rights of mountain bikers in the Bay Area.  I moved to the Bay three years ago and I was shocked at the unprecedented restrictions placed on mountain bikers in this area which is out of line with the other 12 states in which I’ve ridden.

I believe it’s important to “give back” to the MTB community which why I’ve served on the Board, advocated for the rights of mountain bikers at public meetings, and invested sweat equity with a Rogue hoe doing trail maintenance.  Since becoming a certified Search and Rescue K9 handler I don’t have as much time for riding as I used to but I continue to make the time to serve the needs of East Bay mountain bikers.

My favorite bike (I have four of them, of course) is my Niner RIP and my usual riding style is cross-country although I freely admit, “I loves me some downhill!”  Keep an eye out for a chick on a green Niner with a German Shepherd dog running with her – that just might be me. 

Tom Holub, Secretary

If you have been involved with cycling in the Bay Area, you may have found my Bay Area Bike Rides web site, seen one of my BARTable By Bike articles, or read my commentary at the Bike Lab, but on the trails, you're most likely to have seen me with a group of the Berkeley Unicyclists. I've been involved with BTCEB since they helped us get approval to run the mountain unicycling events for the U Games (unicycle national championships) in Joaquin Miller Park in 2010, and I've been on the board since 2017, first as IT Guy and now as Secretary. 
I'm interested in modernizing BTCEB's technology platforms to better support our work. I also would like to apply my facilitation experience working to help us have more productive conversations with land managers and other stakeholders. 


Alan Enrici, Treasurer

Greetings fellow cyclists! My name is Alan Enrici and I am the new BTCEB treasurer. I am a converted roadie who started riding more decades ago than I care to admit. I was born in the East Bay and have been a lifetime user of our wonderful variety of open spaces.  After a career of corporate accounting and finance roles, I have been able to semi-retire and aim to get out on the trails as much as possible. As treasurer, I hope to use my experience to keep track of the donations from our generous members and ensure the money is spent towards BTCEB goals.  See you on the trails!

Austin McInerny, Advocacy Director

Since moving to Oakland in 1990, hardly a day has passed during which I have not been engaged with cycling in some way. Whether commuting, exploring, reading about, coaching, racing, recovering from, advocating for, or wrenching, bikes have and continue to play a central role in defining who I am. During the past 30-years, I have been fortunate to be part of varied efforts that have both helped expand opportunities for responsible trail users as well as introduce young people to the benefits and enjoyment of cycling. Drawing on my varied experiences including an eleven-year stint on the board of the Bay Area Ridge Trail, serving as the president of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) for seven years, coaching the Berkeley High School Mountain Bike Team, representing cyclists on the initial Joaquin Miller Park Working Group and having ridden extensively in the East Bay and many other areas both across the United States and internationally, I believe immensely in the power of cycling to transform the lives of individuals and the culture of entire communities.

I am excited to put my past to use as the newly elected BTCEB Advocacy Director and to help our membership effectively engage the staff and elected leadership of the various local public land agencies and private land owners in an attempt to improve and add to the existing trail networks on which we all ride and occasionally volunteer. I ask that everyone who reads the newsletter or visits our website, will step-up to help improve access and conditions for all cyclists.

Ben Brunetti, Trails Director

I’m an East Bay native that learned to ride a bike here over 30 years ago. Mountain biking is my favorite type of biking and if you ask me, riding around on 2 wheels is the best mode of transportation. I’m a dad and one of my favorite pastimes has been teaching my kids to bike and sharing my love of biking with them. I’m stoked to be working with BTCEB as a way to give back to the trails I love to ride and to help support the mountain bike community in the bay. I’ve ridden with a bunch of great people from the club and seen the positive effect it has had on our trail system. As Trails Director, I hope to help develop and build more MTB trails, maintain the ones we got and advocate to get more people on bikes and out on the trails.

Josh Church, Education and Promotion Director

I’m an East Bay native and a long time BTCEB member. Like many of us, I both enjoy and rely on the opportunities to get away on a bicycle. It’s always recreational, usually social, and quite often therapeutic. And it’s always about the journey. I’ve joined the BTCEB Board to help our club reach new riders, new potential members, and new partnerships with other local organizations.

Jon Running, Membership Coordinator

The Membership Director seeks to recruit and retain dues-paying BTCEB members, through communications, group activities, and promotions.

Jamuel Starkey, Communications

I've been riding my entire life but never having really ridden the hills and trails of the Bay Area until the last 5 years.  Originally from the Mid-West I've been an East Bay resident for over 20 years.  I owe much of my local trail knowledge to the riding friends and fellow BTCEB club members I've met along the way.  As you may know I've been the editor of the club's e-newsletter The Buzz for the past year so the opportunity to continue in that role as well as volunteer in a broader capacity as the club's Communication Director was intriguing.  In my new role I hope to better integrate our outreach platforms (the website, social media, Meet Up, and Member Planet) into a more easier, useful set of tools to enable our members to share our club's advocacy, projects, and events to better inform the public at large.

Tom Gandesbery, Director-at-Large

I have been riding bicycles in and around the East Bay for decades, both on dirt and pavement.  I also enjoy running the trails of Joaquin Miller and hiking with my wife Mary and our dog Lucy in Redwood Park.  In the summer months my windsurfing compulsion kicks in and I can be found in the vicinity of Treasure Island with a small band of wind and wave fanatics.  I first learned of BTCEB in 2014 when I joined Friends of Joaquin Miller Park to give back to the land and found out that our club was the only member of the “Friends” actually doing trail work.  I think that BTCEB has a potential to make a real positive change in the number and quality of trails that we have access to at our local open spaces. For 2020-2021 I would like to see us create a few more partnerships with land managers around trail projects, both on the ground and at the planning level, and do some things to encourage kids to ride the trails. 

Scott Bartlebaugh, Director-at-Large

I've been very active in the BTCEB for several years and am excited to enter into a role leading the organization.  Since 2018 I've been the BTCEB lead for trail work at Crockett Hills and built a working relationship with park supervisor and members of the EBRPD Trail Development group.  I've also been part of the team meeting with the EBRPD Trail Development group the last two years and coordinated the agenda for the last meeting.  I work tirelessly to increase trail and advocacy knowledge by attending EBRPD Board & PAC meetings, MBSOC Trail Academy sessions, American Trails webinars, following the CAMTB Slack channels, and participated in the IMBA Bay Area Roundtable call.  I'm a retired engineer and project manager and devote significant time to trail activities.  


Our board and membership meetings are on the second Wednesday of each month. We discuss BTCEB activities, rides, and projects, and provide free food and beer! All are welcome; RSVP on our MeetUp page.


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